"When you connect the dots, everything makes sense. In some way, we know that we had to create Trikko, and trust me or not, it's going to be a huge brand all over the world, just wait for it".


Trikko was created by two brothers, Moad and Ibrahim from a small city located in the south of Spain - Murcia. Born in 1999 and 1995 respectively.


The idea of building a clothing brand came in 2016. We were bored of fast fashion and flash designs, and we thought about creating our own clothes. But at that time we didn't have much cash. We were both studying and working on a Restaurant at the same time, although the vision was there.

It was til 2018 that we were able to get our idea off the ground. We were still working on the same restaurant and studying Engineering careers at University, so we used to work on Trikko every late night each day.

Our first move was ordering a box of 30 hoodies of our very first design, FAKE LOVE. We didn't have a website at that time, although we had an Instagram Account. Same day we got the box, we took some photos of ourselves with the hoodie and posted them on Instagram. Next day we got like 50 DM's from people asking about the price, our first 30 hoodies were sold out!

Today you can still find our FAKE LOVE Hoodie online, in fact, it's one of the best-selling hoodies at Trikko. That's the proof about creating designs that stand the test of time.


You know who we are, when we started, and probably you are asking yourself how the f**ck we did it.

We could say the answer is hard work or being consistent (which are important)... but the real answer is: You can achieve anything you set your mind on.

Mindset has been key on our journey. You only have to keep the vision, trust the process and get to work. After 3 years we are still learning and improving each day, we are so far from where we started but further away from the goal. This is just the beginning.